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With the constant rain, snow and ice present in the Mississauga, Peel and Halton area every year, it is critical to ensure that your home is safe from the significant damage that can occur if your eavestrough, gutters, and downspout system fails to direct water away from the foundation of your home. As weather systems such as thunderstorms, torrential downpour, and ice storms become worse and more frequent in the coming years, it is more important than ever to avoid the big headache caused by water damage. A leak in your eavestrough can be damaging to both the exterior and the interior of your home.
Your eavestrough is designed to drain the water from your roof and take it through a downspouts away from your buildings walls and foundation. Whether it’s from debris clogging your eavestrough or poorly sealed corners, a leak in your eavestrough can create even more expensive damages to your home. Correcting the disrupted water drainage system through a cleaning, repair or replacement is the only way to stop water damage from happening to your home.

Common causes of gutter damage:

  • Storm and high wind damage
  • Heavy snow and ice
  • Water overflow
  • Clogged gutters
  • Gutter not properly sloped
  • Sagging gutter
  • Leaks and holes
  • Poor and improper installation
  • Downspout fell off the house....

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