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         Can-Mar Aluminum has been your local aluminum specialist for more than 20 years. We've developed the know-how to help you transform the look of your home using the highest quality aluminum gutter, soffit, fascia and trim products available. With more than 50 colors to choose from, our seamless aluminum gutters are custom made right at your home.

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  • Eavestrough: Eavestroughs/Gutters are a key exterior element on your home. They not only provide a seamless look across all edges, but most importantly keep water away from your home's foundation and basement. Can-Mar Aluminum installs seamless eavestrough eliminating extra seams and possible sources of leakage. We use eavestrough hangers for a clean look and proper support to minimize winter ice expansion. We perform precision grading for proper water flow and install large downpipes to maximize water drainage capacity. Can-Mar Aluminum forms eavestrough right at your home at the time of installation. 
  • Siding: Vinyl and aluminum, vertical and horizontal, wood grain or plain. Available in many colors, our siding is low maintenance and weather resistant.
  • Soffit: Choose from a variety of profiles and colors for clean lines and impeccable style. Proper soffit installation will increase the ventilation under your home's roof and lower your heating and cooling expenses all year round. Choose from 2, 3, or 4-panel vented, or plain styles.
  • Fascia: 5, 6, 8, 10-inch, or custom bends available to match the exact size and shape needed. 
  • Leaf guard/Gutter guard: Prevent debris from getting into eavestroughs and drains, leaf guards can be installed on most existing eavestroughs. Manufactured in Canada by Alu-rex, our leaf guards are made of aluminum and are 100% weather resistant. 

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