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Can-Mar Aluminum has been your local GTA aluminum specialist for more than 25 years. We've developed the know-how to help you transform the look of your home using the highest quality aluminum eavestrough, soffit, fascia and trim products available on the market. With dozens of colours to choose from, our seamless aluminum gutters are custom made right at your home, for your home! 

At Can-Mar Aluminum, we take pride in our work and treat every job as if we are working on our own home. That means one small team taking care of any questions or concerns during the initial visit or estimate, and the same team delivering the work all the way through to completion. As homeowners ourselves, we understand that every home has its own unique features and needs. This also means communicating with you during the work on your home to ensure that you are aware of all of the details and work progress. 

Replacing your existing soffit, fascia and eavestrough together gives you the option to not only transform the look and feel of your home, but also to ensure that the solution delivers on its more functional purpose: to ensure rainwater is safely driven away from the foundation of your home. By choosing to work with Can-Mar Aluminum, you will benefit from decades of individual experience, quality craftsmanship, as well as service delivery that is personal to the needs of your home's exterior. 

Eavestroughs/Gutters are a key exterior element on your home. They not only provide a seamless look across all edges, but most importantly keep water away from your home's foundation and basement. Can-Mar Aluminum installs 5" and 6" seamless eavestrough eliminating extra seams and possible sources of leakage. We install heavy duty eavestrough hangers approximately every 18 to 24 inches for a proper support to handle heavy weight of water and winter ice expansion. We perform precision grading for proper water flow and install large downpipes to maximize water drainage capacity. Can-Mar Aluminum use gutter machine and form seamless eavestrough right at your home at the time of installation.


       We offer T-Rex® from Alu-Rex, an innovative gutter maintenance system with a continuous hanger designed to keep your gutters straight and clean for many years to come, while enhancing the exterior appeal of home. T-Rex® continuous hanger blocks ice and facilitates drainage while extending the service life of your gutters by making them stronger from end to end. T-Rex® comes with a lifetime warranty on material and sturdiness. Call or email us today for more information at: 

Call us at: (905) 616 3330

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