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Ivy and vine growth around your gutters can cause damage to all aspects of your home’s exterior. It is known to spread underneath your soffit, facia, and eavestrough. The vines can cause sagging of the soffit, rusting of the metal, and even cause your gutters to be loose and pulled away from  the fascia board. On top of these damages, the ivy will lead to discoloration of the soffit and surrounding aluminum. The vines can become so large that they cause roof damage and even make their way to the attic. A weed killer called Glyphosate is the most effective herbicide used to get rid of the vines and ivy surrounding your home. It’s important to find solutions for an ivy/vine problem before it grows into a large mess that damages the exterior of your home. Ivy and Vines are not easily controlled. Plants can grow a few feet every season and cover the entire side of a house in a couple of years.
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